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Nonprofit to Help Orphans
In 2006 there were 12.4 million orphans in India, according to CSA (Catalysts for Social Action) but only 3,332 adoptions (853 international, 2479 domestic) took place. Unfortunately, India has become the home to the largest number of AIDS orphans in the world. In fact, UNICEF believes that the number of orphans will continue to rise globally due to HIV/AIDS, and sees India's increasing orphan population as symptomatic of a global orphan crisis. Soham believes that helping these orphans and other underprivileged children by educating them is the way to break the cycle of poverty by offering them a chance at life by helping them learn and acquire the skills they need to eventually get a job. We will give them the tools - an education - in order for them to have a future. You can help impoverished and orphaned children in India receive what every child deserves - an education, proper nutrition, and a safe environment to grow and learn. You can help by offering your time to help fundraise for our efforts, donate money for our cause, volunteer as a teacher at the school in Hyderabad, India, or join our team to help us run Soham as best we can so we can help as many children as possible.

Now you can help too! There are several ways to help:
  • Donate to Soham For Kids. Your donation will go towards helping us build our school and eventually our orphanage.
  • Join Team Soham. If you are passionate about helping those in need, especially orphaned children, please send us your resume.
  • Tell others about Soham For Kids. This will raise awareness for a good cause.

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