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Helping Poor Children, Help Orphans in India

Soham In Sanskrit, it is the mantra signifying "I Am That", which identifies the self as one with the world. Team Soham feels that since we are one with the world it is our responsibility to improve the world. Our ultimate goal is to secure the entry of our pupils into good quality employment or higher education, enabling them to become successful, positive role models for their communities. In this way we aim to help individuals, families and communities to permanently break the cycle of poverty.

Mission: To provide underprivileged and orphaned children a quality education which will give them the skills they need to provide for themselves and their families in the future thereby breaking the viscious cycle of poverty. Soham for Kids takes a holistic approach to helping children by providing them with healthcare, nutrition (two balanced meals a day), and education.

Vision: The Soham for Kids staff in Mallapur are constantly developing our curriculum, replacing India's traditional rote learning with modern academic and experiential techniques supplemented with extracurricular activities including music, dance, art, physical education and quarterly education excursions and field trips. We believe in active teaching and active learning to make school a positive and engaging experience for the children. We hope to add a grade each year and in 10 years hope to expand the school so it caters to students from Pre-School to 12th grade.

Further efforts are being made to address the challenges faced by pupils' parents and guardians by providing vocational classes for adults after school so they can develop skills and earn income to support their families. This program was initiated by the purchase of twelve sewing machines and the hire of a sewing teacher who teaches some of the underprivileged students' mothers how to sew and mend clothes. Soham for Kids offers adult English classes based on a curriculum developed by Baroness Shreela Flather, a patron of Soham for Kids.


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